Air Duct Fabrication


A duct is constructed by following a standardised procedure. The process is the same regardless of the shape of the duct element: tracing, cutting, gluing, folding, taping, flangeing & reinforcement and sealing.

Tracking Panel

First step is to make the cutting track

We can use different type of rulers and patterns according to what Air Duct component we like to assemble


Second step is to cut the panel

For fabrication of pre-insulated duct panel we use special tools, including Double 45º jack plane, Left 45º jack plane, Right 45º jack plane, 90º jack plane, 45º Side jack plane, Knife, Tape measure, Adjustable tape marker, Marking pancil, Anti-rebound hammer, Spare blades for Jack plane


Third step is applying glue

Apply glue uniformly on the cutting edges. The area must be cleaned from dust before applying the glue. It’s a specialized PHENOLIC Glue used for only for this specific purpose.

Taping Panel

Forth step is to tape the joints

We close the external joints with Reinforced Aluminum foil tape. We can also repair any damage internally or externally by covering with the Aluminum Tape.

Flanging Reinforcement

Fifth step is putting on flanges

To finalize the duct we put flanges by using profile glue. If the duct size is over a specific dimention, Re-inforcment bar need to be used

Sealing Panel

Final step is to seal the panel

All the ducts joints are sealed internally with Sealant so there is no air leakage and the air flow is clean.

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